A Paper.li Newspaper for Academic Librarians

You know it had to happen sooner or later, and here it is – my first foray into the paper.li editing realm.  I’ve created a paper.li newspaper called The Academic Librarian Review.  Check it out now.

The premise is simple.  Paper.li will scan Twitter for tweets that have links of interest to academic librarians.  I developed this by creating the following Twitter search string:

library OR libraries OR librarians academic OR college OR university OR universities OR post-secondary OR PSE -high -school -elementary -kids -children -teacher -public -ousted -4sq.com


The search string is simpler that it looks.  Paper.li will first consider only tweets that have these words in them:

  • library OR libraries OR librarians

It will then limit this query by holding onto tweets that contain any of the following terms:

  • academic OR college OR universities OR post-secondary OR PSE

And finally, it will definitely throw away all tweets that have any of the following words:

  • high OR school OR elementaty OR kids OR children OR public OR teacher OR public OR outsted OR 4sq.com


This hopefully filter tweets referring to high school, to public libraries, and to foursquare notices (because libraries are popular Foursquare locations).  Apologies if you’re offended that I’m discriminating against school librarians and public librarians.  I’m focusing this paper.li product on academic librarians since that’s my profession at the given moment.  Later this weekend, I may create a feed for public librarians, though, since I’m passionate about the social justice and community-building work that goes on in these important institutions.


At any rate, be sure to check out The Academic Librarian Review on paper.li.  Maybe this venture will work, maybe it will be a bust.  We’ll know by next week, I’m sure.



Come to PodCamp Halifax 2011!

Do you want to know what you’re going to be doing on January 23, 2011?  It’s quite simple, really.  You’re going to attend Podcamp Halifax 2011.  And you’re going to have a blast.

Why are you going to have a blast?  It’s quite simple, really.  When you come to Podcamp, you’ll find like-minded social media fans, professionals, and purveyors, and they’re going to be from all walks of life.  This means it’s going to be as easy as pie to talk up one of your favourite subjects and find some different perspectives and new ideas.  And you’ll likely meet some new friends along the way.

What sort of sessions should you attend at PodCamp 2011?  It’s up to you, really.  You could sit in on a session on the ROI of social media or you could take part on a talk augmented reality as the new social network.  Or, even more fun, you could come to my session, called Making movies makes them S-M-R-T: Screencasting, education (and PR?). In this session I’m going to show how screencasting at Dalhousie Libraries has evolved from static online lectures to videos that introduce real-life librarians to users and then nurture relationships that will last through their time at university.

So come to Podcamp!  Sit in on some sessions, or give one of your own!  Space is still available, and it’s all free, thanks to some great local sponsors.