Planning for 2010

One resolution I made for the New Year is to write on this blog with greater frequency.  The first thing I tend to drop when things get busy are reading blogs and writing on this one, which bothers me a fair bit since I see blogging as a great way to keep in contact with the professional community.  Blogging, as well Twitter, has given me a chance to meet and interact with so many other librarians and information professionals outside of Halifax, so I shouldn’t be so quick to let it go.

Therefore, I’ve decided to start summarizing my work weeks in 2010. Every week, I’ll hopefully write a work-related post that might touch a nerve with LIS professionals.  The fact that I’m in the final term of my MLIS means that some weeks might be devoted to coursework instead of my time working in information literacy at Saint Mary’s University, but hopefully that will add a little variety to the mix.

In the mean time, I’m going to continue generating maps that visualize census data for Halifax Regional Municipality.  These maps, as few in number as they are, have proven to be popular on the internet, so I’m going to make an effort to build a library of maps that project census figures.  Look for projections not only of Halifax, but of all of Nova Scotia (and possibly the Maritimes if not Atlantic Canada) in the near future.

Finally, like so many other LIS bloggers on the web, I’m going to leave you with a list of my most popular posts from the 2009.  It’s so easy to lose the data we enter into blogging CMS’s under the weight and number of newer posts, so this sort of list-manufacturing is actually useful to create from time to time.  (This list excepts my About page, as well as the Homepage, which was far and away the most popular hit but doesn’t speak to content so it’s not too helpful for this list.)

  1. StatCan and Canadian Aboriginal Incarceration Rates
  2. The library science doctorate and the professional librarian
  3. Libraries, West Bend, and Civil Liberties
  4. FRBR and the (or my?) future
  5. 80/20 for librarians
  6. CLA 2009 Recap: Tech / Copyright / Leadership
  7. Understanding librarianship
  8. Mid-term report card
  9. DRM, Canada, and the long arm of contract law
  10. Canadian Culture at the Library