Here are a few examples of my professional work.  I work mostly with TechSmith Camtasia and Audacity, but I also have extensive experience with Adobe Captivate, and am comfortable working with either interface.


1. Document Delivery for Distance Education Students

This video shows students how to find materials through different document delivery methods. I’ve created a strong narrative by relying on PowerPoint slides and Camtasia callouts throughout the piece. My voice is intentionally informal and personable to soften the blow that Document Delivery and ILL can be for students.



2. Getting Your Research Started with the Dal Libraries Website


In October 2010, Dalhousie University relaunched their web presence.  The Libraries received a brand net site, but its student and faculty had to learn where its tools and resources were located in the middle of the term.  This video is a 3-minute long instructional tutorial that was made especially to feature on our blog and to give to faculty to link to for their students.


3. How to Find Databases with the Dalhousie Libraries Single Search Bar

In the days following the launch of the website, we realized that the instructional tutorial above worked well in class exercises but not in “in the wild.”  Feedback at the reference desk and usage stats showed us that most users would prefer an informal “how to” tutorial focused on finding resources in as little time possible.  I produced this video, which features Picture-in-Picture video, within a day to quickly and effectively show our users  how to find the academic databases and get them going in their work again.


4. This is your DalCard

Most university and college library users suffer from having too many logins associated with their accounts.  This short clip, intended for distance users but applicable to all students, demystifies the two numbers listed on a Dalhousie University identification card.


5.  Searching with EBSCO Databases

Dalhousie Libraries has been building online tutorials since the mid-2000s.  In 2011, I refreshed an existing EBSCO tutorial to meet current web standards and the vendor’s own interface.  This tutorial features extensive screen captions from both PowerPoint and the web browser to combine teaching and examples into one video.



6.  Leveraging YouTube: Informing and Educating with Screencasts

This is my slide deck from my Halifax PodCamp 2011 presentation on screencasting. Some organizations may think that screencasting is “old hat” since it had been around for 5 or 6 years now. However, most organizations have not had the resources or capital invest in it. This presentation outlined the costs and benefits associated with screencasting.



7.  Web Publishing: Edwards Magazine and Edwards Bookclub

Edwards Magazine is an Atlantic Canadian women’s lifestyle magazine, published in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. In the winter of 2009, I shifted its content from a static framework onto WordPress. WordPress is a great tool for small organizations and not-for-profits that want to manage their online presence. The CMS is mature; it has a strong support community; and most important, it lets the admins focus largely on content creation instead of site maintenance. Before going live, the Edwards’ CSS had to be tweaked to meet the client’s standards. Some lines of PHP also had to be re-written to allow the dynamic sliders to function properly.


8. Other Items


Saint Mary’s University: Pamphlet – Accessing CANSIM through ESTAT

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