In My Tabs July 22/2012 : LAC-BAC, Wikipedia, and Being The Man

I’ve decided to start listing some of the links I keep open in my tabs over the week. As for the title of the post: that’s an idea I blatantly stole from an old friend, Jhameia Goh.  (Jaymee, hats off to you!)

Library and Archives Canada produces a report on the state of their analogue holdings.  There’s an interesting line in the executive summary, which discusses collections and holdings management: “In short, in managing the on-going usability of its holdings, LAC aims to ensure value for money.” Read on.

–  Metropolis Magazine has an interesting article on how libraries have been envisioned through the ages.  In short: These buildings and the people who work in them adapt, big time.    Let’s keep that up, shall we?  (n.b. I blogged about it here.)

Wikipedia is suffering from a gender bias in its articlesSlate reports on Jimmy Wales‘s talk at Wikimania 2012 (some of my colleagues attended, which makes me almost-awesome) about how the site’s gender gap in its editor and author roles affect not only the interpretation of Wikipedia articles, but whether or not the articles are even remain published.  Note:  This is NOT a new phenonemon.

Wikipedia is also suffering from a dearth of admins. The Atlantic explains that fewer people are volunteering to help maintain the site even though it continues to grow.     (If one of these these bullets about Wikipedia bother you, and especially if two of them bother you, and especially if you’re a women, then you may want to contribute to one of the greatest websites on the free web.)

OCLC’s 2010 Perceptions of Libraries Report.  I’ve been trolling this (and other reports) for an internal report I’m collaborating on regarding online teaching and learning.  I think this is the OCLC report featuring a poll that said that no students started their research with at the Library or at the Library website.

The Open Knowledge Foundation’s Data Journalism Handbook. I have many friends in journalism and PR, and I love that our fields are crossing here (despite the best advice not to).  OKF calls this handbook a “collaborative effort involving dozens of data journalism’s leading advocates.”  With a quotation from Tim Berners-Lee re Data Journalism, so you know it must be good. 🙂

– Following ‘s Sarah Houghton’s recent post on moving into Admin, K.G. Schneider has a great post with hints and tips on what it takes to lead a library organization (or any kind of organization, really).  Are you itching for LIS management one day?  Remember, get out of the library from time to time, save your bullets, and learn what a suit of armour can do for you.