Required Reading, 9 January 2014


Required Reading:

  • Joyce, R. (ed.) (2013) : Research Data Management: Practical Strategies for Information Professionals
    • “This volume provides a framework to guide information professionals in academic libraries, presses, and data centers through the process of managing research data from the planning stages through the life of a grant project and beyond. It illustrates principles of good practice with use-case examples and illuminates promising data service models through case studies of innovative, successful projects and collaborations.”
  • Vines, T.H., et al. (2013) : The Availability of Research Data Declines Rapidly with Article Age
    • This link truly is required reading.  Vines et al. conduct a statistical analysis that shows the persistent decline in the availability of and access to research data as well as the lowered chances of finding a working PI e-mail address) over time in scholarly literature. This is the proof you can give to doubting Thomases about the need for proper research data management and digital preservation principles.
    • “Our results reinforce the notion that, in the long term, research data cannot be reliably preserved by individual researchers, and further demonstrate the urgent need for policies mandating data sharing via public archives.”
    • [Mendeley link]

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