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Why are you here?  I don’t mean to ask why you are here at this blog, or there at home, or somewhere else like a hotel room (as I am now), a convention floor (where I will be shortly), a C@P site (where I sometimes go), or anyone other location.   No, I mean, why are you here, at the 2009 CLA?

That’s still beating around the bush,I think.  In asking why you came to the 2009 CLA, I want to ask why you got yourself into librarianship and/or information science (a rose by any other name is still as sweet).  Sometimes, I tell people I came into this profession because I was looking for something to do, but when I’m being serious and on the ball, I tell them the real story – that I like technology, and I like people, and I really like to help people, especially when helping people can either inform them or help them empower themselves.  Now, you might be saying to yourself, “blah blah blah etc etc” or “there’s a mission statement and a purpose in life”, but I generally hold dear to those words.  I like it when people learn.  And I hate it when people are prevented from learning because of the things around them.

So, librarianship and me, we get along real well.  If I’m not thinking about information literacy, then I’m thinking about information policy. and if i’m not thinking about policy, then i’m thinking about social responsibility and civic rights.  and when i say “social responsibility”, I don’t mean it in a “let’s be corporately socially responsible” sort of way. That’s all well and good, indeed, but what I really mean is more like “we help people read and write and inform and be informed. let’s not only encourage it, but protect it.”

That’s why I’m here this weekend.

(I’m also here for the bagels.  and the cheeses.)

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