CLA 2009

So here I am blogging from a hotel just across the road from Montreal’s Palais des Congres, where the 2009 CLA convention is being held.  Go me.  If I can find the time, i’ll post about all the sessions i’m attending, but for the most part, they’re focused on either information policy or information literacy.  yeah, that’s me, a policy and civic rights wonk with a love for the tech..

If you’re not doing anything else on Friday, then head down to the Emerging Technologies Interest Group unConference at McGill, which is sure to be a hit.  Movers and Shakers and Shovers and Movers will be there, so it will surely be a a treat.  and say hello if we bump into one another – may be a halfway decent way to know what’s on the up-and-up in my interlife, but nothing beats a real conversation in person.

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