There are several stages in a blog’s development.  One begins to think about the art (or disgrace) of self-publishing and how the blog will satiate his desires to contribute to a community of like-minded others. Let us call these moments, “conception”.  This stage is followed by the registration with a blogging service or a development of a site on a self-hosted platform.  One might spend some time choosing a theme/template or tweaking colours, fonts, comment policies at this point; one might also delay these decisions until later.  At any rate, this stage that follows the conception is typified by development and groundwork as opposed to the publishing of information, so it might be appropriate to consider this time a “gestation.”

Not wanting to carry this metaphor any further than one should, I hesitate to consider the next stage a “birth”.  The blog, at this point in its life-cycle, has been conceived, and it is gestating: it is growing, developing, and taking form before the moment it is to be released upon the stage.  Blogs don’t have a singular “release” or particular “moment of birth”, though.  There is of course a time-stamped first post, but a blog is not really born until the blogger writes the first, second, and third posts, when the blogger begins to gain confidence in her abilities to write, and gains an enthusiasm for the medium.  Many blogs begin with the best intentions, but rarely make it past those first few posts.  (To that end, I wonder if blogging services should hold off on pinging new blogs until there has been a week or two of consistent activity, but that subject is neither here nor there today.)

This time and space that a blogger finds himself in is more of a “beginning” than a birth of the blog.  It is an imperfect stage.  Its ideas and intentions are incomplete and not satisfied.  All blogs have beginnings.  Not all blogs move beyond their beginnings.

I am writing about the beginnings of a blog within this blog’s first post.  The beginnings of this blog is a post on all blogs’ beginnings.  Perhaps, like so many other blogs, this blog will become a blog about blogs and blogging.  So meta.

My intention with this blog is not to write exclusively about blogging, though.  Instead, this blog will be a record of sorts about my (new?) life amoung information and information science.  The IS field has at some point become a chosen and intended profession in the past year or so, and now that I’m actually in a professional academic programme to certify my credentials in the field, I thought it might be appropriate to record my serious interests in the intersections between contemporary technology (read: “the internet”), the people immersed in it, and the space(s) it inhabit(s).  I’ll let you know what that means when I find a way to phrase exactly what it is I’d like to talk about.   In the mean time, expect me to think, talk, write, ruminate, opine, worry, complain, and critisise some of the trends, theories, and practices that occur in this chosen field, as it is studied, analysed, and practiced by myself during my time in Dalhousie University‘s Master of Library and Information Science programme.

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